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Deco Design & Development is a full service construction company from concept to completion. We provide professional, reliable and affordable building solutions to individuals throughout the Silicon Valley & Bay Area.

Deco was founded and created by Kambiz in 2008, a general contractor with a design background, detail minded, passionate and 100 percent committed. As a child growing up in his father’s small hardware store, he found his passion to be involved in building and designing homes from a early age. His taste, style & vision are what make Deco different from the others.

At Deco our team operates under the principal of: quality, integrity and diligence. No matter the magnitude of the project, we are dedicated to making our clients vision and dream a reality.

We understand that construction projects can be overwhelming & confusing so rest assured that we will work hard to make our client’s experience as comfortable & cost effective as possible.

Many of our clients benefit from involving Deco in the construction process early on. We can save you the most money and time by reviewing the home prior to you purchasing it, and advising you on the necessary improvements, potential design and inspecting for defects or problems. We can also assist you with the architecture, design and engineering teams.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to design and building – either remodeling an existing space, or building a new home from the ground up, let Deco create the reality.

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About Deco

I build each home as if its my own home, therefore the safety & quality of each home are my priorities." - Kambiz, Founder.